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Coaching: How to Get Started?

Are you interested in seeing how coaching can help transform your life or business??

Are you ready to lead a life that you desire yet are having a struggle to get there?

You see, what coaching provides is accountability. If there is one person on this planet that will give you a break, it is you. Coaches don’t tell you what to do. You tell them what it is you want to achieve and they will hold the mirror up to you to support you. You can’t play the game and watch it at the same time. Coaching allows someone from the sidelines to be able to see the plays you are making and guide you so that you make the right plays.

With Robert as your coach, you will be guided through making breakthroughs and a personal transformation in every area of your world like:

  • Wealth Building
  • Spirituality and Personal Growth
  • Business Development for that Entrepreneurial Spirit
  • Better Relationships
  • Motivation and Time Management
  • Stress Management
  • Career Guidance
  • Getting more done in less time
  • The Happiness Factor
  • Plus much, much more with very powerful and long lasting results.

Who is the ideal candidate?

You might be a small business owner who is finding the demands of running your own business is draining you from a quality of life. You might find yourself in a career that is not fueling your passion or your soul and you need help uncovering what that is. You might find that your home life or relationships are being affected and you desire to get them back on track.

Who is Robert Schantz and why should you hire him as your coach?

Robert has devoted much of his professional career leading and managing people. His coaching career began around 10 years ago by luck when someone saw something in him that he didn’t see. That was the ability to really help and guide people to higher levels. With this gift being noticed, he started coaching Real Estate agents to higher levels of production. Having coached 1000’s of these professionals, he found that most if not all other business people had the same challenges or struggles along the way. He also found that by coaching the person as a whole and not just in business, he was able to get them to achieve the rapid results they were looking for. Once he realized this, he opened his coaching up to many more industries and professions.

No matter where you are in your life, he might have a solution or a program that will work for you so that you can create a better life.

Please submit the form below:

Completing this form does not commit you to working with me – It just starts the process of getting to know if I can help you grow and transform your life and live in your authenticity. When you get finished completing these few questions, I will take the time and care to review your answers and begin my process on how I can begin to assist you in your growth. Once I do, you will hear back from me someone from my team within 2 business days to discuss the next steps. I’m looking forward to learning more about you and what you are doing in the world!

  • I have many types of coaching available for you. There is no one size fits all. YOU ARE THE TEMPLATE. By being yourself, we can custom create a coaching program that works for you.
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