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RobertSittingSmallBWHello my beloveds,

My name is Robert Ray Schantz and it is my mission in life to transform the lives of those around me as well as make a difference on this planet no matter how big or how small it may seem.

After years as a Business Coach for a large International company, I am introducing myself to the world via this web platform so that others may experience the results that I was able to achieve for so many of my clients.  Not only in their business careers but in their personal lives as well.   Having coached over 500 business professionals with this company, I often found that unless I worked on the person as a whole which included their spiritual, mental, physical, financial, emotional or even family life then results would not show up in their business life.

Through this process I was able to develop my intuitive gifts and intuition and was able to uncover and discover simple tools that I was able to give them as I guided them through their journey.

This whole journey was also a healing process for me along the way as I was uncovering and dealing with wounds from my past which included being raised in a family with alcoholism, growing up gay in a small farm town where I was abused and picked on by my school peers as well as going out into the world scared and afraid with a total lack of self-esteem and confidence.   This all culminated to a journey of self-discovery and spiritual awakening after I was diagnosed with the HIV virus.  After this diagnosis, I went on a path of self-destructive behavior which included my own alcohol and drug abuse, homelessness, joblessness and a whole host of other issues.

As I worked towards rebuilding my life, the gift of coaching entered my life where I was not only able to help others but also heal me along the way.

Since then, I have made its my life’s mission to help those see that sometimes life’s happenings are all well-orchestrated events that we choose prior to this physical existence so that our soul can know and discover higher levels of self-love and understanding.

As part of my platform, I provide speaking engagements, weekly group coaching calls for self-empowerment and self-improvement and a soul-centric blog with tips and advice on living an authentic life. I also will be self-publishing my first book entitled, “Love, Live & Forgive” to be released very soon.

I believe I was put on this planet to create harmony and balance in many aspects of people’s lives including; physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.
I believe as one focuses on their personal and spiritual development it will strengthen ones intuition and psychic abilities while helping us to rise above our everyday dramas in our everyday lives so that we may experience a higher level of awareness and knowledge.
I believe that as an instrument of change and transformation; I enjoy assisting people from all walks of life release old emotional patterns that prevent personal and spiritual development so that they may all move forward.
I believe that I am here to provide a conduit for the human spirit during times of unhappiness, anger and frustration.
I believe that the soul’s lesson in this physical reality is to know and understand the highest level of love which first begins with love of oneself and love of all people no matter what their race, creed, color or sexual orientation. This is truly what we are put on this planet to come to know and understand and it is also what we take with us as we exit this physical plane.
I believe that the human element needs to promote compassion, kindness and cooperation and encourage a sense of self-respect and contentment. We should all be gentle and caring in our approach as we move towards acceptance, tolerance, support and patience of all human beings.

Robert writes from his own personal experiences as he came face to face with his own HIV status.

Robert Ray Schantz is a best-selling author and spiritual and life coach. His newest book, “Love, Live and Forgive.”, is inspiring a worldwide movement of people who are dedicated to healing their HIV by learning to forgive themselves of the shame and guilt that they may carry with them thus allowing them to live a life of Health and Well-Being. Robert writes from his own personal experiences as he came faced with his own HIV status. He’s known for providing life-changing answers, quick practical coaching, and deep spiritual wisdom to people everywhere. Robert’s insightful teachings and revolutionary inner processes, combined with his intolerance for labels and HIV stigma, have made him one of the foremost spiritual and life coaches in the world. Audiences love him, but what’s more important, in his presence they learn to love themselves which in turn transforms their lives and health.

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