Hello friends.  Have you ever been fired from a job?  Have you ever worried about how you were going to pay the bills?  Have you ever lost money in the stock market or in real estate?  Have you ever been told by a company how much you are worth in the form of a salary and you accepted it as if that was what you thought you were worth?

We all live in a physical world that centers around money.  Most of us were raised to do a job and get paid for that job.  Some of us even believed that there is a limited supply of money and that you better get yours before others take all of it.

Recently, I had a departure in a relationship with a company I provided services for.  This company, in exchange for my time, compensated me for services rendered.  It was a nominal fee, but nonetheless, it was a fee that I agreed upon when I began my relationship with them.  It was good money too.  Don’t get me wrong.  I was highly paid for what I did, but it was also a mere fraction of what I should have been paid.

One day, I received a call from one of the company’s owners about changes they wanted to make.  The change was, they wanted me to work more but make a whole lot less.  Twenty-three percent less.  At first I was baffled.  In attempting to sell me this as a good thing, they also were telling me that I was one of their best service providers and they really, really, really wanted me to stay with them.  I was their number 1 pick over all the other service providers.

Mind you, this was just one of a multiple streams of income I receive as I discovered a long time ago that money should come from many streams.  Not just one.  If I only allow one, then what would happen if that one stream got cut off?  You guessed it.  I would be up a creek without a paddle.

Oh yes..back to my story.  So, I told them that I would have to think about it and let them know at a later date as this was a huge decision.  I was unable to make a decision as fast as they wanted as I also had other things going on with me that week.  Alas, I received a phone call on a nice and sunny Sunday afternoon from the company representative again.  Again, I was asked…what was my decision.  I still had questions though.  At that time, this person said to me, well, we have decided to go in another direction and that we already have four others’ that have committed to the new deal.  I was also asked if I could be very “nimble” and if things did change, would I be willing to come back because things could change by the hour, day, week and they might need me should they come calling.

Here’s what happened to me though.  This was monumental and why I am sharing this story.  I didn’t freak out.  Yes.  I was giving up a source of income and that income reduction could have an impact on my lifestyle.  Here’s what went thought my mind though.  I realized at that moment that the source of money does not come from one job, one company or one source.  The source of money comes from within me and within me is a deep well of abundance should I desire to tap in to it.   After all these years, I finally got it.  My worth is not decide upon from no one but me.  I am my own bank and I can create my own money anytime I desire.

Here’s what did happen the day after too.  The company representative emailed me and asked me to call them when I had time, ASAP.  So, I kindly returned their call and had a nice conversation with them.  It seems they wanted me back as of the 4 other people that stayed with the company, one of them was now having second thoughts.  The deal though…was still the same.  Work more and get paid less.  I of course politely declined.  Seems I realized that I was worth more.

Through it all, I hold no ill will towards this company.  This company allowed me to grow and gave me an opportunity when I needed it the most.  In performing the services as I did for them, and doing it well, I grew in my mind and in my thoughts.  And once you grow in that area, you can never go back.  I am so grateful for the gig I had with them and I hope their company continues to grow and flourish as they really do care about the industry they deliver to.

So here is my lesson in this post that I want to convey.  You are your own creator.  No one but you has control over your destiny.  No government, no politician, no company.  You and you alone determine how much money you can make and there is an unlimited supply of it.  So go out, look for multiple streams of income and fill your buckets up with all the abundance you want.  It’s there for the taking.  It’s all yours. You just have to be open to receiving it.

Until next time know this.  #LoveWins


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