Hello friends. I hope you are enjoying your summer and staying cool in this wonderful heat wave that we are experiencing across the entire US of A from the looks of it.

If you listen to my radio show, then you probably heard me talk about this year being a year about endings and new beginnings. Why do I say that? I am a student of numerology. I have read many books on the subject and find wisdom in its explanation.

The western form of Numerology, the Pythagorian system, is among the most enduring and popular of all self-help methods ever created. The Chinese, Japanese, Greek, Hebrews, Egyptians, Phoenicians, early Christians, Mayans and Incas all employed number systems to gain a deeper understanding of themselves and the universe.

Pythagorian Numerology was organized by Greek philosopher and mathematician Pythagoras, who combined the mathematical disciplines of the Arabic, Druid, Phoenician, Egyptian and Essene sciences. Since then, it has continued to evolve. It formed the spiritual basis for many secret societies, such as the Rosicrusians, Masons, Anthroposophists and others.

Today, its popularity continues to grow. Numerology columns now appear regularly in newspapers and magazines. Numerologists are consulted with increasing regularity for everything from personal romance to business decisions. As the industrialized world becomes more computerized and dependent on numerical systems, the fascination with this ancient spiritual science only grows.*

So why is this important? Why do I look at numerology and why is this a 9 energy year. If you take the year, 2016, add up all the numbers and reduce it to a single digit, you arrive at a 9. On a scale of 1 – 9, 1 is about beginnings and 9 is about endings. Each number carries an energy about it. So, in this 9 year, it is all about endings and new beginnings.

You may have noticed many of your friends and family making these massive changes in their lives. They might have quit their jobs of many years. They may have gotten a divorce. They may have moved across the country. They may have sold their home and bought a new one. You may have also noticed that many souls around you have departed this physical existence and are now in spirit. In other words, they have made big changes. Now the one thing that is constant in life is change. Change is all around us. All of the time.

Here’s the takeaway. If you feel like making changes in your world, it’s probably because the Universe and the Spirits are urging you to. If you feel a pull, it’s okay. Go with it. Don’t resist it. Because what we resist, persists. It’s all going to be okay.

So as you go through this really powerful 9 energy year, know that you are safe, all is well, and only good will emerge when you allow the forces of the Universe to work in your favor and just go with the flow.

Enjoy this 9 energy year. When it is all over, the number 1 energy year will emerge with new beginnings and great things in store for you should you allow it. It’s all about allowing. That’s another blog post all in itself. Until then, much love, peace, joy and happiness your way.

As alway,  #LoveWins

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* Excerpted from Numerologist Hans Decoz’s book Numerology: Key to Your Inner Self.