Hey everyone. I am so sorry this is a day late. It’s been a very hectic week in my world. How about yours?? Today’s post is about being negative. Have you ever pondered where that drunk monkey or that negative voice inside your head originates from? Why is it that people always go to the negative first? Why is it that news is so negative? Answer? Our brains. Yes. Our brains are already wired to see the negative. Our brain has one goal and that is to keep us safe. So it is constantly going to search for the negative to protect us.

So, what do you do if you find yourself feeling negative at times, how can you keep pessimism from keeping you far from fulfilling your life’s goals and dreams.

Everyone of you have a job and maybe even within your own family that has a Negative Nancy, Debbie Downer or maybe that one Positive Pete that is really annoying. You know… that is the individual who communicates question about each thought, or the unceasing shark that can transform a little beam of trust into a rainbow of plausibility. So what makes individuals take a gander at a glass of water and say: “it’s half full,” “it’s half unfilled,” or “it’s half toxin”?

The answer can be followed to a limited extent back to our cave dweller days. Our science demonstrates that early people depended on antagonistic deduction to survive. The world was a hazardous spot, so we must be extremely careful about dangers like predators, or noxious nourishments and plants. This standpoint is firmly attached to our ‘flight or flight’ response and how we respond to fear. Numerous studies bolster this idea that trepidation is instinctual, and originates from our “creature” brains.

Obviously, there are numerous individuals out there who don’t take the sound of this. They are certain about everything and don’t appear to offer into the negative voice in their heads. So where did they figure out how to think this way? Some of it is hereditary, additionally, they have intentionally tackled a hopeful way to deal with life and the difficulties it tosses at them.

In our busy, rushed world there is a requirement for both the self assured person and the worrier. They adjust each other out. The yin to the yang. For instance, in the work environment, a group ought to dependably have one individual who is stating “hold up a moment now… “, searching for barricades that the determined workers don’t understand are there. All things considered, being excessively hopeful and considering “it can’t transpire” can prompt danger taking and poor choices.

In the event that you do tend to answer that the glass if ‘half unfilled’, it doesn’t mean you are bound to dependably be a Debbie Downer. Being careful and deliberately investigating your perspective towards the world is the initial move towards adjusting a more inspirational viewpoint (or if nothing else a more down to business one). What’s more, since you’re here understanding this online journal, you are as of now trying!

So if you find you are living in a world where all you see is negative, stop and take stock. Know this is just our brains at work. It’s your choice to dwell in it or move on. I say move on and be happy. After all, life is a choice and I choose to be happy.

Until then know this….. #lovewins

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