Hello loves.  How is your week going?? Mine has been fantastic.  So many wonderful opportunities have presented themselves to me and I feel like life really does allow one to grow and prosper when we bring forth the right energy.   I hope this blog post finds you happy, healthy and of course full of abundance. Abundance in your health, wealth and of course, always your happiness.

Someone happened this week in my community of San Diego that got me thinking.  Apparently, something happened at  a Major League Baseball game that got many people to state their disgust and dismay on social media before all the facts were in.  While I always attempt to remain objective and arrive at my conclusion before all that facts are presented, I felt compelled to be sucked in to taking to all of my social media outlets and also voice my disgust about what had happened, even before I knew the entire story.   Alas, good judgement crept in and I stood silent before voicing how I felt all the while enjoying reading all of the people post their opinions be they right or wrong.

Here’s my beef.  Social media has become the latest news outlet for anybody to post whatever and believe whatever they see.  After all, if it’s on the internet, it must be true?? Right??  To this I sound a resounding….STOP.  Stop all the presses.  Stop all of the opinions.  Stop posting your opinion about something until you know for sure all of the facts surrounding what you are talking about.  In other words, make sure what you post or re-post for that matter, has some validity.   It is very easy to arrive at a conclusion even before you know all the facts.

One of the company’s that I consult for, they have a belief system.  Within this belief system, one of their belief’s is “Communication – Seek first to understand”  In other words, ask lots of questions and understand what you are talking about before you rush to judgement.  It is all too easy to express our opinions at the touch of a POST Facebook button before we really gather the evidence necessary to really know what we are talking about.  Take the time to stop, pause, stand back and ask the questions…is this real? Is this really how it should be?  Do I really know all of the facts before I go off on a twitter rant?  This is something one of our Presidential candidates should heed before he goes off on nothing he knows about.

Bottom line.  We all have our beliefs.  I am okay with that.  But please know what you are talking about.  Ask the hard questions.  Dig and find the real answers before you go spouting off on what you think is right.  We will all be a better nation and a better world if we, sought first to understand, what other’s are really saying and what other’s are really meaning.



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