Logic makes you think about things…..but emotions make you act

There's more to decision making than meets the eye. Many people focus on the logical side but in order to find a deeper fulfillment you need to consider the emotional aspects of the decision as well. How will it make you feel and why? For example, consider a new car purchase. The logical reasons behind [...]

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Say Goodbye to Regrets

For many people, regrets are simply a part of life. After all, there are so many forks in the road that it's easy to wonder, “what if?” about both major and minor life decisions. As it's often said, we don't regret the things we did do, we regret the things we didn't do. You may [...]

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Be A BadAss!

Everyone wants to be a BadAss, right? After all, being a BadAss simply means that you're being the most awesome version of yourself. You're successful, smart and an all-around amazing person. So what's stopping you from achieving your badass dreams? The most common obstacle standing in someone's way of being a BadAss is self-doubt. It's [...]

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