Has there ever been a time in your life where you have felt stuck?   Perhaps you feel stuck in your career.  Perhaps you are stuck in your business and it is not growing as you expect.   Perhaps your relationship with your spouse, significant other or family is not where you want it to be.

Life has a way of becoming repetitive.  This repetitiveness is brought about because we get into a habit of being in our comfort zone.  This comfort zone is what we are familiar with.  We feel safe and secure and don’t want to leave our comfort zone.  The result is that we are not allowing change in our world.  When this happens then we are not growing.  In reality, if you are not uncomfortable in your life, then you are not growing.  Result.  We remain stuck and don’t grow.

For me, I am experiencing this total state of being uncomfortable and it is PAINFUL.  So painful that I am experiencing restless nights, I have pits in my stomach, I have feelings of insecurity and I am even having  thoughts that the world does not support me.   Even though I know that what I am going through will be great for me in the long run.

Why? Why is that?  Why am I feeling this way and what should I be doing?   For me, it is a resistance to change.  My mind wants to stay in the status quo because it is familiar.  Yet the minute you bring forth that my world could and should be different fear sets in.  This fear then creates a story in our minds and then our limiting beliefs about who we are and what we could become scares the crap out of us.   At least that is what it is doing to me.

So what do I do?  I could easily crawl up into a fetal position and not leave my home or I could move through the fear and embrace it as a badge of honor so that I may grow.  The first thing I need to do is start working on my mindset.  Our minds are very powerful and I am only one belief away of everything being different.  Should I allow this change to occur and embrace it, then my life could be bigger, better with much more added to my world.

If I allow myself to be uncomfortable, then eventually I will become comfortable as the new norm will become the status quo.  Here are a few points to consider as you move through this change;

  1. Take a chance even if the thought in your mind is that you can’t win.
  2. Have the belief in yourself and go for it.
  3. Get support from people and talk openly about your fears so that you release them and don’t play them over and over in your mind.
  4. Be willing to do what others won’t so that you may have what others can’t have.
  5. Don’t listen to what others say you can and cannot do.
  6. Be willing to do what others say you cannot do.
  7. Be willing to fight for what you want.
  8. Don’t be afraid to be the first.
  9. Don’t let no stop you.
  10. Be willing to help others.  If you work to do this, you will grow as well as help others to grow.
  11. Always remember that sometimes in order to move forwards, we might need to move backwards.

Look.  Life is not easy at times.  In fact, sometimes it can be down right crappy.  Unless we are willing to put ourselves out there, then our worlds will not get better.  If you allow yourself to be uncomfortable then true growth will begin at the end of your comfort zone.  This is when true growth and change will occur and you can live a life that you never imagined.

As I go through changes in my life, I came up with an affirmation that I posted on my bathroom mirror.  I look at it daily to remind me of my mission and what I am put on this planet to do. It helps me and I hope you might find it useful as well.  Until next time my beloveds, enjoy my affirmation.

Today is a new day and opportunity surrounds me.  The one question I choose to ask myself as I go through my day is, “How can I help the people?”  By doing so, I will life a life or purpose and passion.