As we transition from winter to spring, the one thing that we are reminded of is that life is all about change. Usually when I am coaching someone, the one thing that we always talk about is how things change and how we need to move through that change. You see, most people resist change. It is uncomfortable. They enjoy the status quo as it is safe and secure. The one constant in life though is change. Change brings forth new ideas, new opportunities, growth, new friendships as well as keeps things from becoming stale in our world.

Why do we resist it though? Why is it that when change occurs, that people, including me, automatically freak out? Is it fear? Is it complacency? Is it just that we don’t like it and we want that feeling of being okay with things?

Change to me is an opportunity to grow. It is an opportunity for new and more wonderful things to enter our world. It allows us to move beyond our limitations that we might have on our lives and move us in to opening up so much more in our world.

Change also comes forth by our wonderful and trusted friend the Universe or the Divine. You see, when we are off our path and not fulfilling our destiny or dharma, then somehow our Guides in conjunction with the Divine and the Universe, will suddenly shake up your world. Our first reaction to this is to resist. And as they say, when we resist, it will persist. Resistance to change will only make things more uncomfortable and will cut off more good that could flow into your world.

So if you are experiencing some change in your world, and trust me, I have a lot of clients, friends and family experiencing change at this moment, what you should do is stop, pause and reflect. It is time to ask yourself, what is it that this change is wanting to bring forth into my world? What is it that I need to be open to receive? What is this change really here for and how can I see the good in it?

By doing this, you will open up to a world of possibilities and all of a sudden, wonderful things will begin to show up as you begin to make room for them. New jobs could appear. New friendships could be formed. New financial opportunities could make themselves known. Any number of things could happen, should we ALLOW then in to our lives.

So as you move through this season of change, always remember, change is a good thing. It will allow my world to grow as well as my soul. We all just need to be open to it.