Understanding your souls contract so that you may live in your authenticity is the key to unlocking your desires and passion

I work each and every day living in what I call my truth. Now the human side of me does sometimes get in the way and I know that is just my ego. The ego can be simply translated as EDGING GOD OUT. So I work really hard at keeping my ego in check. I’m not perfect. In fact I need to check it many times in a day. However, now that I know this, I can check in with myself when necessary.

Each one of us has what I like to call a soul contract. What is it that your soul contract is asking you to learn in this life? Are you living an authentic life and are you living in your truth? Are you following what you truly want to do in your life or are you doing what you need to do to get by and feeling frustrated? Do you feel like you have this burning desire to do more, see more or love more? These are just some of the questions that I was asking myself as I was working on the unveiling of my purpose. Once I started living an authentic life it was like I had this huge weight lifted off of my shoulders and I was able to breathe once again. I stopped sweating the small stuff and learned to just hand things over to my higher power and trust that all things would unfold exactly how they were designed to.

Trusting in the process of life and listening to your gut or intuition is something we all need to be more aware of. For example, I recently had an experience where I was in escrow on a home that I was currently living in when the landlords I was renting from wanted to sell it. If I didn’t buy it I would need to move which I didn’t want to do. So I made them an offer and we entered escrow. Deep down inside though I knew this wasn’t really what I wanted to do as I was not that excited about this place or that it was a place I wanted to own. For once I owned it; it would be a chain around my neck. Also, buying a place just because I didn’t want to take the time to pack my things and move is not a good reason to spend the kind of money I was looking at spending.

For whatever reason, the Universe kept putting roadblocks up with financing because of underwriting guidelines, etc. Being in the real estate business and also having owned multiple properties in my life, I was seeing financing issues happen all the time. So part of me was just saying that this is natural. But deep down inside I just had a gut instinct that what I was doing was not what would be the best plan for me.

I finally got to the point where I trusted my intuition and knew that all these roadblocks were there because the Universe did not want me there. In fact, it wanted me to go someplace else. So the pain of moving my home though allowed me to find a wonderful place to live that is filled with nature, birds chirping, quiet streets and wonderful neighbors. Had I not listened to what the Universe was telling me I would not be finishing this book that I am currently working on at this beautiful place that I am enjoying right now. My message about this is simple. I went with my gut or what other’s call intuition or internal guidance system. There were many times in my life that I did not listen to my internal guidance system of what my soul was wanting me to do and each and every time I found myself cleaning up my situation.

For me now, I have learned to listen more and more to my internal guidance system and trust that as I do, this life will go so much smoother. As a coach, I constantly work with clients who always choose a path met with much opposition and resistance. I always share with them that it is easier for someone to swim down stream than up. They always look at me funny at first. Then after they think about it, a light bulb goes off. They realize that they too have an internal guidance system and that perhaps they should listen to it more. It is probably one of the greatest gifts I can share with someone in having them come to this self realization.

So you may be wondering what is within your soul code or soul contract? If you are feeling lost or afraid or discouraged because of how you think your life has turned out, I recommend looking at all of your life events as lessons and ask yourself this question, “What is it that I am supposed to learn so that I may learn my lesson and move on?” This is important. Because if we don’t learn the lesson, guess what? We are destined to repeat it. The sequence and events will keep reappearing until our soul has learned what it wanted to learn so that it may reach a higher understanding on this side.

The lessons that HIV taught me were to love myself more. It made me a better person and it allowed me to live in my authenticity which allowed me to follow true passion and that is to help and be of service to others. My soul was aching for so long to be of service to others and each and every time in my earlier days that I did not do that, then for whatever reason I would encounter roadblocks. While working on breaking through these road blocks, much to my dismay, the same patterns and sequence of events would show up again. Once I recognized this I learned to let go and quit forcing things. I now live a much more fulfilling life knowing that all my needs will be met if I just take time and allow all the good to flow in and know that all my needs will be met each and every day. Oh yes, I do occasionally get stressed out about things that occur in this physical reality. However, those are just things that will get done eventually or will work out exactly how they are supposed to.

So, my lesson for you is to learn to listen more to what your soul was put here to do and learn and trust in the process of life. If you have a dream to do something and you really want to do it, it is probably your soul yearning for you to do it. So take more risks. Open yourself up to more of life’s infinite possibilities and live a life unimaginable.

First and foremost though, you must learn the art of forgiving yourself for what you think is a mistake. They aren’t mistakes. Forgive other’s you feel may have harmed you. They were an integral part of your learning process. Each person in our life, good or bad, is meant to be a teacher. Look at the lesson and grow from it. Once you are able to forgive then you will be able to then live that life that you always wanted and grow even more in love.