Welcome to the inaugural blog post as I continue on my life’s mission in playing a small part in healing the planet by allowing people to see things in a different light.  I arrived at the mission while living a life of complete denial and in the most inauthentic manner.  I never thought in all my wildest dreams that I would be pursuing this path as I began my journey several decades ago as I dreamt of making it big while growing up on a small farm in Northern California.  One never knows how life will unfold.  For me, I believe it unfolded exactly how it was supposed to so that I may live the life that I was destined to live.  Free will or pre-planned?  Who knows??   For me, I know that as I came to discover my HIV status, I look back with conflicted thoughts, feelings, emotions, blessings among many more things as I carried on in my journey.



As I continue to fill this blog with my random thoughts and feelings, my hope is that it will enlighten, educate, entertain as well as shed some light of what it really is to live with what I called the most shame based illness ever to grace the planet.  For within this process, I was able to uncover and unravel many of life’s meanings as well as blessings so that I may grow to become the person that I was destined to be.


This site and my soon to be release book, “Love, Live & Forgive –  How HIV Saved My Life and Taught Me How To LIVE” (Title still in process.  I am working with my publisher on this) is both a dedication and memorial to those who succumbed to the illness and for those living with the virus each and every day.  It is also dedicated to those that have ever felt shame or guilt over anything in their life no matter what it may be.


My hope is that no matter what walk of life one comes from or what they may be dealing with, know that there are many other’s who are feeling the same way.  For me, when I tested, I felt alone and very afraid.  I also thought that I was the only one.  I soon discovered that I wasn’t the only one. There are some 35 million other’s on this planet who wake up each and every day and probably felt as if I do.  I then thought that if other’s feel the same way, then they are probably also looking for the same answers that I was.


So….I began.  I began a journey of self discovery and uncovering my life’s lessons and came to grow my spirit and soul from those lessons.  I discovered for me that all that happens in my life is about lessons.  What we take from those lessons is our choice as we grow.  It doesn’t matter what happens in your life whether good or bad.  It matters how your deal with it and grow from it.


I choose to grow from it and learn I did.  HIV to me was and is one of my greatest teachers I will ever have in this life.  Through it all, it has taught me love like I never imagined.  It has helped me to release the past and let go of those things that no longer serve me.  It has taught me self respect and understanding of who I am and what I am here in this life to do.  Most importantly it has taught me that the greatest love that one can ever experience is that of self love first and foremost.  It is within this self love that one lives a life unimaginable.


So, here begins.  My first blog post to launch my random thoughts not only on HIV, but also life and what other’s can learn from my experiences.  I also look forward to sharing some my coaching wisdom that I have learned from my over 8 years of coaching 1000’s of business professionals both in business and in life.    I look forward to having you join me on this journey and knowing that no matter what you are dealing with, the answer is always there.


In great love,   Robert Ray Schantz –  Coach and Soon to be Best-Selling Author




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