When We Allow FORGIVENESS Miracles Occur!!


Built within each of us is a natural state of health and well being. It is a truly God given birth right that all of us have as we enter this physical plane.  The challenge is, that sometimes life hands us lemons.  Somehow we need to figure out how to make lemonade or be left with a very sour after taste of eating all those lemons.


It all begins with our thinking.  When we focus all of our energies on negative thinking, a vortex is created where we pull ourselves away from this natural state of great health and move towards a state of imbalance and disease in the physical body.   When we allow ourselves to deal with it in both the head and the heart, then disease can be cured and will eventually go away.  If we only work on treating the symptoms, much like western medicine does, then disease will continue to manifest more and more in the body.


Prior to me testing HIV Positive, myself and other’s within my community feared this disease like no other.  After all, we were the community that it affected on a grand scale in the early days of the virus.  Those that contracted it or tested positive in the early days pretty much had a death sentence. Very few made it out for those that succumbed to the virus.  So it was natural that I lived in a state of fear where I worried with every common cold or flu that I got.  This fear of any disease can attract disease, because we are the effect of what we think and what we think can eventually become real.


Modern day healing is finally reaching an integrative approach to healing using both western healing modalities as well as incorporating eastern healing practices which works on the mind as well.  The outcome for this can create a truly harmonious body in sync with it’s life’s mission.  When we are truly healthy and truly in alignment with who we are, that is when we are allowed to live the life we were destined to live.


When an illness is a part of your spiritual journey, no medical intervention can heal you until your spirit has begun to make the changes that the illness was designed to inspire.  When you start living in accordance with the soul, joy overtakes negativity, abundance overtakes poverty and peace overtakes chaos.  Then and only then we begin to heal and live a life unimaginable.


For me I truly believe that the act of forgiveness will allow our physical bodies to begin that journey of great health and well being.  Most importantly, what steps did I take to do that?


      1. Step One:  It was here that I really needed to forgive myself.  I had to let go of the pain and anguish that I felt that I did something wrong when I contracted HIV.  I had seen many friends die in the late 80’s and 90’s and knew of all of the risks and how you contracted it.  I felt like I made a huge mistake, that a college educated person with some sense of intelligence could allow myself to be in this position.  This was the hardest step.  It was not easy.  In fact, I think that I carried this with me the longest.  I put this first on the list because this is the most important act of forgiveness in order to move forward.
      2. Step Two:  I had to forgive the one and only person that I figured I had contracted HIV from.  In all of my years, I practiced extreme caution.  I was always careful and rarely put myself in risky situations.  It wasn’t this persons fault either.  They were not to blame.  However, the first person we want to blame is the person who we think put us in this situation to begin with.  NOT.  This is not the way to react.  If the blame is to be put forward, it does not lie with this person.  It was never their intention.  I am sure in their minds they have extreme guilt as well and would take it all back if they could.
      3. Step Three:  What will we be able to take away from this experience?  How will we grow?  How did I grow?  How will your world expand?  These are very important questions to ask.  For me, HIV has been one of my greatest teachers.  So much so that my soul grew and expanded my understanding love at a much higher level so that if and when I go back to the other side, I will have learned my lessons that I asked to learn while in this physical reality.  There are no mistakes in life.  Only lessons with everything that happens.  It’s our duty to learn from those lessons and grow.
      4. Step Four:  Thank the other person for their part in your lesson.  As I said, they probably felt a bit of guilt and shame as well and would take it back if they could.  I truly believe that prior to this physical existence, our souls contracted with each other to work in conjunction and allow both of us to learn lessons from each of them.  So, give thanks to them for playing their part as pre-planned.
      5. Step Five:  Wish the other person well and let go of your desire to get even.  It does not one good and can only create more distress down the line.  Sometimes, it is always best as they say to “Let Go and Let God”  I love this phrase.  I use it all the time in my daily life as I grapple with holding on to something that does not serve me well and release it and move on.



There is so much that we hold on to in our lives that we don’t need to.  It only manifests in our bodies and becomes illness.  If we allow ourselves to let it go, then we can and will live out our lives in great state of health and well being.

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