Forgiveness Is What Truly Heals The Body

When We Allow FORGIVENESS Miracles Occur!!   Built within each of us is a natural state of health and well being. It is a truly God given birth right that all of us have as we enter this physical plane.  The challenge is, that sometimes life hands us lemons.  Somehow we need to figure out [...]

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Why Is Their A Perceived Stigma Over HIV & AIDS???

Why Is Their A Perceived Stigma Over HIV & AIDS??   Great question.  Is there a really a stigma?  Do those living with the virus, like I do, put ourselves unnecessarily in a box which ultimately results in shame of having HIV?  Or is there this unnecessary fear from those people who are HIV negative [...]

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The Closet For The HIV+ Soul

Coming Out Of The HIV Closet What is a closet? Why do people have them? What is its purpose?  I've spent a lot of time asking myself these questions.  I've spent a lot of time wondering why the term was used when someone finally gained enough courage to put his or her sexual preference on [...]

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How HIV Opened My Eyes & Healed My Heart

  Welcome to the inaugural blog post as I continue on my life’s mission in playing a small part in healing the planet by allowing people to see things in a different light.  I arrived at the mission while living a life of complete denial and in the most inauthentic manner.  I never thought in [...]

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